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Övervegetation/ Undervegetation  08/09

Digital printed wallpaper for Your Wallpaper

Nyponros | Nästla| Nymf | Nyvaken| Katakomb | Kokong | Kartoffler | Krevad |

Växtverk 06/07 

Växtvägg | Fetknopp | Glänta I | Glänta II | Skogsväxt I | Skogsväxt II | Utväxt |

Collection 05/06 

Green Shoots | Bleeding Hearts | Red Clovers | Three Leaf Clovers | Twinflowers | Male Catkins | Tree Trees | Silver Leaves|




Surface Pattern Design

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Your Wallpaper produces custom- made digital wallpaper. The originals of Malin Björklund’s wallpaper collection is hand-drawn with ink on aquarelle paper to give an ethereal feeling.

The illustrations are exaggerated and the large free-floating plants contrast the white wallpaper background.


Over- vegetation represents the visible in the plant kingdom while under- vegetation locates closer to the ground and occasionally underground. Over- vegetation observe the details of a flower in full bloom, the yellow pistils of a sweet- brier. In the undergrowth you come across roots, germinating shoots and a mysterious growing power.



Övervegetation 08/09: Nyponros



Övervegetation 08/09: Nästla



Övervegetation 08/09: Nymf



Övervegetation 08/09: Nyvaken



Undervegetation 08/09: Katakomb



Undervegetation 08/09: Kokong



Undervegetation 08/09: Kartoffler



Undervegetation 08/09: Krevad


Växtverk 06/07    

Växtvärk 06/07: Växtvägg, Report: 30x32 cm


Växtvärk 06/07: Fetknopp, Report: 30x32 cm


Växtvärk 06/07: Glänta I, Report: 30x32 cm


Växtvärk 06/07: Glänta II, Report: 25x32 cm

Växtvärk 06/07: Skogsväxt I, Report: 50x32 cm
Växtvärk 06/07: Skogsväxt II, Report: 50x64 cm
Växtvärk 06/07: Utväxt, Report: 50x64 cm
Collection 05/06


Collection 05/06: Green Shoots, Report: 12x19 cm


Collection 05/06: Bleeding Hearts, Report: 79x57 cm

 redclovers Collection 05/06: Red Clovers, Report: 30x21 cm

threeleafclovers Collection 05/06: Three Leaf Clovers, Report: 21x21 cm

twinflowers Collection 05/06: Twinflowers, Report: 40x30 cm
male catkins Collection 05/06: Male Catkins, Report: 18x25 cm
treetrees Collection 05/06: Tree Trees, Report: 84x60 cm

silverleaves Collection 05/06: Silver Leaves, Report: 40x53 cm